• BOTTERO SpA, Italy

    Because we know it’s a perfect human-machine with high cutting tolerance…

    BOTTERO SpA, Italy range of machines stands out due to its modularity and versatility, thanks to intensive high automation level production system, fully integrated with Low-E grinding with peripheral device system, automatic selection of cutting pressures, Shape Scanner + Scan Cad, optimiser on the machine and integrated with double-sided 4 station loading system and breakout module.

  • Vertical glass arising and washing line

    Because it’s designed and produced to remove sharpness and process burred edges of glass

    An highly advanced automatic vertical glass arising and washing line from BESTMAKINA, Turkey capable of removing all sharpness and process burred edges of glass and wash glasses before glazing and tempering process with a max glass processing capacity of 3000mm X 6000mm.

  • Horizontal glass washing and drying machine

    because we are uncompromising on quality and this equipment ensure control over it…

    TRIULZI, Italy an exceptional machine built to last designed for flat float glass, Low-E glass and triple silver glasses complete with high-pressure pre-wash section and energy saying system with an opening width of 3000mm.

  • Flat glass tempering line

    because we know it’s the masterpiece of Intelligence…

    GLASSTON Finland, Not all heating systems branded in the market as “Low-E capable” are equal. Inefficient heating results in longer production times, high waste rates, and poor glass quality. For today’s demanding Low-E coatings, we all need highly efficient heating with a state-of-the-art convection system and accurate heating control. Our FC 500 tempering furnace meets these challenges with its high air volume and convection systems. We can deliver a glass with a max glass size of 2800mm X 6000mm.

  • A fully robotic double glazing line

    because we know it’s a perfect equipment for producing double glazed units…

    BEST MAKINA, Turkey made automatic washing and combined line with gas filling pressing unit and auto sealing robot with the power of Turkish engineering. This line is capable of producing a max glass size of 3000mm X 6000mm. Specially designed for handling higher thickness double glazed units up to 120mm and with a unit load of 3 ton.